Monday, 24 December 2012

Musical Ink...

Just in case people thought that I wasn't eccentric enough, I have just ordered one of Diamine's new boxed sets of inks, with colours inspired(?) by famous composers!

I heard about them on another blog (Gourmet Pens) and couldn't resist. Expect a demonstration after Christmas... :-)

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Caran d'Ache Varius Carbon 3000

Well, what a mouthful that is, and I forget the meaning of the '3000' bit. Anyway, here's the review (with none of those profuse apologies I put in the last one - I resized everything to fit this time, though I still managed to lose the last line off the scanned pages - doh!), preceded by a picture, natch...

(unscanned text above reads, "I believe, with just a layer of CF weave wrapped around it,").
(unscanned text above reads, "(which is why I've decided to use it as my No.1 pen at work)").
Excuse the arrangement. It's not art, it's just what I had to do to stop the pen rolling with the nib upside down.

PS. Forgot to mention that the ink is Pelikan Edelstein Jade...

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Finally! The Visconti Opera Crystal Demonstrator.

Firstly, the apologies;
  1. Sorry it's taken so long.
  2. Sorry for the handwriting (as ever).
  3. Sorry that the words and photos aren't coordinated better.
  4. Sorry for the quality of the photos.
  5. Sorry for the quality of the scanned pages (I'm getting to grips with a new 'hand-held' scanner).
  6. Sorry for all the 'sorry's :-)
Ok, here goes...first, some piccies (do you like the background I used?)...

Oops, forgot to take this photo before I filled it up...

The cap, showing that hefty clip (by the way - Merry Christmas!).
(You can just see the spring that makes the bayonet cap system work).

Magnetically attached cap trim.

Note tip of nib turned up - Makes writing at all angles easy.
Metal of nib goes all the way around!
Hopefully this explains some of the stuff I've been waffling on about!
Cap engraving.
Only 1000 have been made (I was
very lucky to get hold of one).

That 'Mosquito' filling device (that's not a device to fill mosquitos, you understand).

You just stick the nib in the filler...

...the right way up, mind! And hey, no inky fingers to fret about :-)