Saturday, 12 January 2013

A 'Flock' of Pelikans?

Is that the collective term? Yeah well, whatever. Alternative titles for this post would be;

  • Pen Porn - Pictures of large members (of the Pelikan M1000 family).
  • Hey, I Got My M1005 Demonstrator Back from the Menders!
  • Mike Shows Off His Pelikan Collection.
  • Mike Just Shows Off*.
  • Etc

* This is probably the one - it's in my nature...

So ok, the story is that I recently bought an M1005 Demonstrator off eBay and the nib didn't work too well so I thought "Hey, I can adjust that. I mean, how hard can that be?". The following picture shows how hard. Although the focus was a bit out you can still easily tell the 'adjusted' nib from the new one.

Nib adjustment can be fun - NOT!
Anyway, the Demonstrator is back on my writing desk, and because while it was away I bought a regular M1000 body (in black - from Richards Pens) to hold the 3B nib I'm always banging on about, AND a 3-pen case (from The Writing Desk from whom I also bought my first M1000 - a stripy green one - originally with a Medium nib, but now with a rather scratchy but interesting OB nib, but I digress...), I thought why not do a gratuitous photo shoot of all three so anyone who's not seen them before can have a good look? Well, and just to show off of course...(actually, I really love these pens, and feel very privileged to have them, and, with all three in one case I do go a bit gooey when I get them out to use - sad, but true).

So, the photos (hope they're ok - getting the lighting, composition, and everything right is very hard with small shiny objects, especially in the UK in Winter...);

The three-pen case, above, comes in all black or black and green
- I preferred the black and green as one of the pens is so coloured.

It is made from a (very) soft leather with internal dividers so the pens fit snugly but safely without getting scratched or anything.

Pens clip over the edge of the case (or tuck inside if you want).

Oooh, look at those beautiful cap ends :-)

 And even more oooh now they're out in the open...

I can't take any more!

And a close-up of the nibs...phwoarrrr!

Ok, time to cool it down a bit... And write something...albeit a bit hastily...

Points of note;

  • The OB nib shows a bit of line-width variation but not as much as I had hoped. I almost wish I'd got the OBB... Never mind, maybe if I practice with it I'll be able to put some character into writing with it. Lovely colour though! (I believe Pelikan's 'Edelstein' Tourmaline was ink of the year in 2012?).
  • The Fine nib on the Demonstrator (yes, the NEW nib!) looks a bit intermittent, but, like the OB nib, it's still new and will need a bit of use before it settles down (or until I get used to it anyway - a bad workman always blames...).
  • The 3B nib on the black pen with the black ink is an awesome combination in my opinion. It's like the fountain pen equivalent of a fat black marker pen, and I use it for signatures and addressing letters and parcels.

Ok, enough indulgence already. Time for tea!


  1. This is definitely pen porn. Amazing, delectable pen porn. More please!

    1. You're welcome, Azizah. Watch this space...

    2. You're welcome, Azizah. Watch this space...

  2. Be careful with words like 'porn' .. thats why you might be attracting odd comments!
    Lovel photos though!

  3. Hmm did it post that prvious? I wrote PAGES of comment, then it asked me to sign is and then appeared to clear out the comment!