Sunday, 28 October 2012

Did You Know...?

...that with some nibs, maybe all nibs, I don't know, you can write with the nib upside down, and it still works. Only, and this is the good bit, the line you get is about 2-3 'nib-widths' narrower. How cool is that! (Yes, yes, of course you knew - but now I do, too).

The relevance for me is that I can now use my Pelikan with its massive 3B nib to do the crossword. Brilliant! Filling in a crossword with a 3B nib normally results in a big splurge in each square as you'd expect with 'newspaper' paper. But up the other way I get about a Medium nib which is just fine (I mean fine as in perfectly acceptable, not fine as in a 'Fine' knew that). But don't take my word for it, see the evidence;

This is especially useful since my 'Shopping-list and Crosswords' pen, the pocket Yard-o-Led (which really does have a Fine nib), is away having my name engraved on it (remind me to post a picture when it's done).

Anyway, back to bed, I got a stinker of a cold (expressions of sympathy are permitted :-) ).


  1. Ahhhh I can post! Get well soon, lots of pen related links to show you :=)