Saturday, 27 October 2012

Pelikan Nib Experiments

So where was I...? Oh yeah, mucking about with Pelikan nibs.

Well, it was inevitable I guess, having progressed from nib sizes of Medium to Broad, briefly to Fine, and then boldly on to Double-Broad, that I'd be tempted by a Triple-Broad nib.

I think that Pelikan are the only people who make such a nib (edited to add that, of course, Montblanc do a 3B too), and, given that their nibs are easily removed/re-fitted (they simply screw in to the barrel), and the fact that I already had a Pelikan M1000 that I'd dropped and glued back together (so I didn't mind using it as a test-bed), I simply couldn't resist getting hold of one to try out. Though at about half the cost of a whole new pen, they're not cheap!

Here's the photo of the 3B that I've used at the top of the blog (but without the silly writing all over it);

All the nibs in the range are the same physical size as the 3B, i.e. HUGE, compared to most makes, and I love that!

So anyway, I fitted it, what a thick line it lays down (quel surprise). For a comparison with other nibs see below (Ok, so it bleeds and feathers rather, but the paper in this Daycraft notebook is a little on the thin side);

And it's even more impressive with black ink (e.g. Pelikan Edelstein Onyx, or Aurora Black). Makes for high impact writing, though you have to write a bit larger than normal or you end up with joined-up puddles...

The only problem, which is partly paper quality dependant, is that after a few seconds of not writing the ink can withdraw from the very tip of the nib. So if the paper is too smooth and shiny the first thing (e.g. a capital letter) you write after the pause is invisible but straight away the ink's flowing again. However, this doesn't always happen and is a minor quibble that's easily overcome with a quick scribble on the side before starting to write again.

Ok, enough nib stuff for today! Next time I'll do the Pelikan Oblique-Broad (OB) nib I thought I'd try too. So yes, I now have one pen and three nibs to chose from, and if that isn't an indulgence I don't know what is...

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